the state of being free within society from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's way of life, behavior, or political views

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Descendants of Liberty was officially created/born in 2020 as a heritage organization from our forefathers.  2020 was unlike any year our country has ever experienced.  Not only were we faced with a “once in a lifetime” pandemic but were forced to observe and experience many of our US liberties being violated like never before. 

The Sons of Liberty was an organization created by our forefathers in the years leading up to the Revolutionary War.  The organization was established to ensure that the rights and liberties of the US colonists would not be trampled upon by the tyrannical British Government and King.  The founding fathers of the Sons of Liberty were:

    • Samuel Adams
    • Paul Revere
    • John Adams
    • John Hancock

The Sons of Liberty would continue into the early years of the Revolutionary War and would be instrumental in the eventual overthrow of our oppressors and the birth of our great country.  Their crowning achievement was their influence in crafting the United States Constitution defining and guaranteeing the liberties of all US citizens as promised in the Preamble of the US Constitution (The Blessings of Liberty) as well as in the original bill of rights.

All US citizens are Descendants of Liberty.  And as such it is our responsibility to ensure that our Liberties are never infringed or encroached upon or violated by our elected officials.

The Descendants of Liberty organization is committed to our God given/Constitutional guarantee of our Liberties.  Descendants of Liberty is entirely focused on this commitment.

Descendants of Liberty

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